Free Saif is an international initiative working for a peaceful and democratic solution to the Libyan Crisis post-Gaddafi. Even after his imprisonment, Dr. Saif al-Islam Gaddafi is still regarded as the undisputed leader by the majority of the free Libyan people.

Hence, it is reasonable to assume that the solution to the Libyan Crisis will be closely linked to his fate in the future. Many people, Libyan and non-Libyan, including those who contributed to the NATO-generated chaos in 2011, now see him as a safeguard for peace and unity. As such, Saif’s case needs a feasible perspective for a real solution to the Libyan Crisis.

Since his capture, there have been many rumors about his release, but so far, no material evidence for his freedom has been presented by his captors.

The initiative is committed to play its part by regular publishing to advocate for the release of Dr. Saif al-Islam from his prison in Zintan and to expose the recent militia crimes and human rights violations in Libya.

We also welcome any other opinions about the situation in Libya and any material evidence for human rights violations in Libya such as videos, voice recordings, or photos.
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