Tawergha Foundation

Your contributions will directly make a real difference for the refugees from Tawergha. The foundation founders pay for all management, fundraising, accounting and technology expenses, so 100% of your donations are spent on the victims of the crimes against humanity.

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Lawyers for Justice in Libya

LFJL is a non-governmental organisation and charity, incorporated for the public benefit in order to defend and promote human rights in Libya. LFJL was established in response to the 17 February 2011 uprising in Libya. They exist, work for, and are passionate about the promotion of justice, human rights, and democracy in Libya. They seek to promote and nurture the legal profession and civil society in Libya. Lawyers for Justice in Libya depends on your support! Your donation will make a difference by ensuring they are able to continue to work defending human rights and pursuing accountability on the ground in Libya.

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Save the Children

In camps for families displaced by the violence in the aftermath of the Arab Spring, children struggled with nightmares and distress. In response, Save the Children set up Child Friendly Spaces (CFS) to give children with a safe place to play, learn and overcome tragedy. These protective environments are where children gathered to play and talk about their experiences with caring professionals and each other, allowing them to overcome chaotic and tragic situations.

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