In August 2015, videos surfaced on the Internet showing al-Saadi Gaddafi being tortured and threatened with sexual assault by the security guards and Islamist militants in al-Hadba prison in Tripoli which is controlled by Misrata militias and where many of the other former regime senior figures are also detained such as the former prime minister al-Baghdadi al-Mahmoudi and former military intelligence chief Abdullah Sanussi. He has been held in solitary confinement since he was handed over to Misrata militias by the authorities in Niger. He is unable to have private access to lawyers and his lawyers are unable to call or question witnesses and are frequently intimidated by the armed groups.

In one of the videos, the security guards and Islamist Jihadis interrogate and torture several detainees, including al-Saadi Gaddafi. Being blindfolded, al-Saadi is being interrogated while listening to other blindfolded handcuffed detainees screaming and beaten by the security guards with sticks. He was also occasionally allowed to see the faces of the people being tortured in order to identify them.

During the interrogation, the officer threatened him that he would be sodomized by a 23mm bullet if he did not fully cooperate with them. He also told him that he does not care about human rights or even Ali Zeidan (former Libyan prime minister) who brought him back to Libya and was even abducted himself by these militias in 2013 in retaliation for US special forces operation to capture an Islamist terror suspect in Tripoli (Abu Anis al-Libi), indicating that these militias control everything in the country including the puppet government supported by the UN.

In another video, he was slapped in a humiliating way and then beaten on the sole of his feet with a stick using a special medieval torturing machine used by al-Hadba prison security guards.

“The General Prosecutor's Office should also follow through with an investigation of those suspected of ill-treatment of al-Saadi Gaddafi and other detainees at al-Hadba, and make its results public," Human Rights Watch said. It also said that "Those responsible for the abuses should be held accountable.”

Although the faces of the security guards who committed these heinous crimes are very clear in the video, up to this date no one has been convicted and the puppet Libyan government in Tripoli which is controlled by Misrata militias is still pretending to work on finding them.