On Thursday 21 July 2016, bodies of 14 Libyans were found in a rubbish dump in the district of al-Laithi in Benghazi near the national insurance building. They were victims of extra-judicial killings by Haftar forces which were in control of this district at the time of the crime and were based in the homeland security building in al-Laithi district which is not far from where the bodies were found.

The bodies were found by passersby, who called the Libyan Red Crescent, and bear shots to the head which indicate that they were executed. Libyan sources have confirmed to freesaif.org that the people who were identified were kidnapped earlier by the Blood Relatives (Awlia al-dem) brigade which is allied with Haftar. This brigade was founded by the relatives of the victims of Islamist terrorists in Benghazi.

From those who were identified, there were four from the same family - a father and his three sons, and two brothers from another family. They all had memorized the Quran or were Quran learners. Some of them were also mosque Imams.

Amongst the fourteen people is someone I know personally. He was my chemistry teacher during preparatory school and high school. His name was Abdallah al-Fakhry. He was also an Imam of a mosque and memorized the whole Quran. He was a very good English speaker, smart and very well educated. He was selfless and liked teaching and students a lot. I remeber when I was in highschool I told him that I have problems with my laptop which I bought from the UK and did not even have Arabic keyboard and he fixed it for me for free and even bought Arabic letters keyboard stickers and sticked them to the keyboard. Not only did he teach me science, but also morals, wisdom and patience. I learned a great deal from him and I am heartbroken, shattered and completely devastated to hear that he died in this shocking way.
Abdallah al-Fakhry, my beloved teacher
Also a young guy was identified amongst the bodies called Mohammed Riziq al-Ghummary. He also memorized the Quran and had won prizes competing in memorizing the whole Quran. He was kidnapped by Haftar armed militias from the mosque.
Mohammed Riziq al-Ghummary
Mohammed Riziq al-Ghummary body
The video below shows Mohammed Riziq al-Ghummary reciting quran in a recorded video which he submitted to a Quran memorizing competition and won the first place.
The United Nations envoy to Libya has condemned this shocking crime and Martin Kobler has tweeted “utterly shocked and dismayed by the summary execution” and called on authorities to immediately open investigations on this crime. Although this is considered a war crime, the criminals are still on the loose and no one has been convicted up to this date. This is another example of crimes committed by the armed militias in Libya.

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